Host Salma Abu Ayyash interviews Dr. Nurit Peled El Hannan. Nurit Peled-Elhanan is Lecturer in Language Education in the Faculty of Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has written extensively on Israeli education and its racist aspects. She is one of the founders of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine 2009. Her book Palestine in Israeli Schoolbooks – Ideology and Indoctrination is to be released was November 22, 2011 according to Amazon.com – Tauris Pub. London. We will be discussing her recent book and the most recent Russell Tribunal on Palestine 

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Sunday May 1, 2011

The book, ‘Edward Said:  A Legacy of Emancipation and Representation’, which our guest Mr. Iskandar coedited with Hakem Rustom, brings together contributions fromwriters and scholars from all walks of life and disciplines reflecting Saidâs diverse interests and contributions. International lawyers, thinkers academics, musicians, in fields ranging from literature, music, philosophy and cultural studies, come together to continue conversing with Edward Said to extend his ideas and elaborate on them.

Edward Said was the most eloquent and articulate spokesperson on behalf of the Palestinians. Robert Fisk, described him as the Palestinians’ “most powerful political voice. He never wavered and his views and positions have proven to be ultimately the most visionary of all our thinkers. His impact as we proceed forward in the struggle of liberation for Palestine and elsewhere, is huge and his analysis and perceptions are terribly missed especially today in light of all the changes happening in the Arab world, with the failure of the Oslo process and the scandals of the Palestine papers. So this book is nothing but timely at this critical juncture of uprisings and revolutions, and in continuing Edward Said’s legacy and taking his work further.

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